Why I Am Writing Saving Camelot

You ever had that nagging feeling that something just doesn’t seem right?  That something is just…off?  And not like maybe you just left the oven on or forgot to feed the cats, but something is fundamentally wrong with the state of things in your life or the world as a whole.  For many years I have felt our world has not been right since JFK was brutally murdered in broad daylight November 22, 1963.  Almost like we are living in an alternate reality.

It was that relentless thought that has driven me to write Saving Camelot.  So many things changed after John Kennedy was killed.  How would things be different if he had lived?  And who was ultimately responsible for his death.  What did they have to gain?  Countless non-fiction books have been written on this matter, but from time to time, I believe sometimes it’s best to reveal truth through fiction.

Please join me as our protagonist Fitz struggles with his own past while trying to stop those who would alter history as we know it.

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